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Sushi or Sashimi A LA Carte

    Two Pieces per Order
Tuna < Maguro >
Salmon < Sake >
Yellowtail < Hamachi >
Eel < unagi >
White Tuna < Shiro Maguro >
Smoke Salmon
Shrimp < Ebi >
Squid < Ika > 
Octopus < Tako >
Crab Stick < Kani >
Mackerel < Saba >
Striped Bass < Suzuki >
Red Clam < Hokigai >
Egg < Tamago >
Black Pepper Tuna
Scallop < Hotatekai >
Salmon Roe < Ikura >




Sushi Entrees

All sushi entrees served with miso soup & salad 
Roll Combo $16.95
Tuna roll, salmon roll & California roll
Vegetable Roll Combo $14.5
Cucumber roll, avocado roll & asparagus roll
Spicy Roll Combo $18
Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Yellowtail roll
Sushi Dinner $20.95
9 PCS of assorted raw fish on Sushi rice with tuna maki
Sashimi Dinner $23.95
18 PCS Varieties of thin slices raw fish
Chirashi $20.95
Assorted sliced raw fish on bed of Sushi rice
Tri – Color Sushi or Sashimi $23.95
4 PCS of Salmon, tuna, Yellowtail
Sushi & Sashimi for 1 $26.95
5 PCS of assorted Sushi, 9 PCS of assorted Sashimi with Godzilla roll
Love Boat For 2 $59.95
10 PCS Sushi, 16 PCS Sashimi with a spicy tuna roll & a Monkey roll .                               


Roll or Hand Roll

* Indicates there is no raw fish in these items*
  Tuna Roll                                            $5
  Salmon Roll                                        $5
  Yellowtail & Scallion Roll                    $5
  Pepper Tuna Roll                                 $6
  White Tuna Roll                                  $5
* California Roll                                    $5
   Alaska Roll                                         $6
* Boston Roll                                         $6
* Philadelphia Roll                                $6
* Spicy Crunch Roll                              $6
(Choice of :Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Crab, Shrimp, Scallop, White Tuna)
* Mango Avocado Roll                           $5
* Oshinko Roll                                      $5
* Crab Meat Roll                                   $5
* Avocado Roll                                      $4
* A.A.C Roll                                           $4
* Peanut Avocado Roll                           $5
* Sweet Potato Roll                                $5
* Eel Avocado or Eel Cucumber Roll     $6
   Salmon Avocado or Salmon Cucumber Roll   $5.5
   Tuna Avocado or Tuna Cucumber Roll  $5.5
* Shrimp Avocado or Shrimp Cucumber Roll $6
* Chicken Tempura Roll                        $7
* Shrimp Tempura Roll                          $8
* Spider Roll                                         $8
(Soft shell crab, avocado, Cucumber)
* Dragon Roll                                        $9.95
(EEl Cucumber roll topped with avocado, tobiko, eel Sauce)


Image by Mahmoud Fawzy

 Signature Rolls

                       ($0.5 for extra sauce )
Tiger Roll $13.95
Salmon and tuna inside, topped with salmon, tuna, eel, avocado and masago, served with eel sauce and spicy sauce 
Bumble Bee Roll $13.95
Spicy crab, shrimp tempura, cucumber, mango wrapped with yellow soy paper, spicy mayo, eel sauce.
Salmon Lover Roll $13.95
Spicy crunch salmon and avocado inside, topped with seared salmon and chef’s special sauce.
Monster Roll $14.95
Spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy inside topped with black pepper tuna with spicy wasabi mayo sauce
Super Bowl Roll $14.95
King crab, Fuji apple inside, topped cheese, deep with chef’s special sauce.
American Dream Roll $13.95
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado inside topped with salmon roe, black tobiko, wasabi tobiko and spicy eel sauce
Heart’s Delight Roll $12.5
Spicy crunch tuna and avocado inside, wrapped with fresh tuna and Salmon in the shape of a heart.
Paradise Roll $14.95
Spicy lobster, shrimp tempura & fried banana, wrapped with soy paper in yuzu mango Sauce. (Soy paper)
Cowboy Roll $14.95
Asparagus, cream cheese, jalapeno, scallion inside, topped with seared filet mignon and chef’s special sauce
Chilean Seabass Roll $15.5
Chilean Seabass, cheese crunch and avocado wrapped with soy paper and chef’s special sauce (soy paper)
Cajun Lobster Roll $15.95
Lobster tempura and asparagus inside, topped with spicy kani salad, lobster salad and chef’s spicy sauce
Volcano Roll $12.95
Avocado, mango, crunch, spicy crab inside, with tuna wrapped outside
Rainbow Roll $10.95
California roll topped with variety of fresh fish
Sumo Roll (No Rice) $12
Thinly sliced cucumber rolled w. tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and tobiko with Ponzu sauce
Black Jack Roll $12.95
Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, avocado with tons of black tobiko and lots of hot chili sauce on top.
Godzilla Roll $12.95
Snow crab, striped bass and fluke inside, the roll is cooked in tempura and topped with chef’s special sauce.
Tom’s  Roll $13.5
Spicy shrimp, avocado inside, topped with tuna, yellowtail, tobiko, and tempura crunch in chef’s special sauce.
Monkey Roll $13.5
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and cucumber inside, topped with avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce and sweet chili sauce.
Phoenix Roll $13.5
Chicken tempura, cream cheese and avocado inside, topped with sweet potato tempura, avocado and chef’s special sauce.
Dancing Dragon Roll $12.5
EEL, avocado wrapped around shrimp tempura, eel sauce.
Pink Lady Roll $12.5
Spicy tuna, crunch salmon, Scallop, avocado topped with house chili Sauce, wasabi and miso sauce.
Crazy Spider Roll $15.95
Soft shell crab, spicy salmon, lettuce, jalapeno inside, top with crispy crabmeat, served W. chef special sauce
Out of Control Roll $13.5
Two pieces of shrimp tempura and avocado with spicy tuna and crunch on top.
Mt. Fuji Roll $12.95
Salmon, avocado, crabmeat, cheese deep fried
Bangkok Roll $13.5
Soft shell crab tempura, avocado inside with spicy tuna, sweet chili sauce and Eel sauce on the top.
Spicy Maxican Roll $15
Spicy yellowtail inside topped with yellowtail, fresh jalapeno and chef’s special sauce.


  Sushi Appetizers

Sushi Sampler  $9.95
5 PCS of assorted sushi 
Sashimi Sampler  $9.95 
6 PCS of chef’s choice assorted sliced of fresh raw fish 
Black Pepper Tuna $8
Seared tuna w. ponzu sauce   
Tuna Dumplings (4 PCS) $8 
Deep fried tuna dumplings on the guacamole sauce
Tartar Martini  $10 
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, salmon skin, avocado, tobiko with chef’s special sauce
Yellowtail Jalapeño $10
Yellowtail on fresh asparagus topped with sliced jalapeno with wasabi yuzu sauce.
Treasure Island $12
Diced salmon, mango and avocado served with a mild chef’s special sauce.



If you or someone in your party has a food allergy ,please notify us so we can better serve you !